NOK’s strengths are advanced technology to produce high quality products.

Any machine products use Lubricant, Water, Chemical Liquid and Gas all over
their mechanism. To make maximum performance of machines, those that are used internal should not leak from interspace of their mechanism.
Also, block the invasion foreign matter from outside.
Have a key role as this function is the Oil Seal. Moreover, operation environment of Oil Seal is quite severity as friction by rotational motion and high pressure of piston motion.
So, Oil Seal is required high functionality and durability. Users of Oil Seal are industries as Automobile, Sea Ship, Railway Vehicle, various types of Industrial Machinery and
Home Appliances, etc..
Major market of NOK is Automobile Industry and we are proud 70% of domestic market share, also have 50% of share including overseas market.
Furthermore, we have 80% of domestic market share for O-Ring. We are leading independent manufacturer of Auto Parts and have business performance with
all of 12 Japanese Finished Auto Manufacturer.

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